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In order to be a member of any of the Geneva Chapter SIGs you must be a member of the Internet Society. Three SIGs are currently active with two more in formation. The Executive Committee of the Chapter has opened up formation of the following SIGs. You can register for these SIG meetings online.

Business SIG

The Business SIG of the Geneva Chapter of the Internet is dedicated to educating, promoting, and representing the interests of business users of the Internet. The members of the SIG have taken it on themselves to work on:

The Business SIG has irregular meetings and on topics of Internet interest for the Business community in Geneva. You are welcome to help us out: please contact David Petraitis who is a leader of the SIG.

Development SIG

The Development SIG has as its purpose the promotion of the infrastructure and use of the Internet in Developing countries.

The Development SIG is active, with meetings every month. Minutes of recent DevSIG meetings are available to the public.

If you wish to join the mailing list or get further information, please contact Rosa Delgado (DevSIG Chair) or Ben Segal (DevSIG Vice-Chair).

Webmaster SIG

The Webmaster SIG meets approximately once each month for dinner and technical discussion of building and maintaining WWW sites.

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