About the Internet Society Geneva Chapter

The Geneva Chapter members are a group of Internet enthusiasts with all levels of expertise from diverse backgrounds in and around Geneva. We want to share Internet experiences of individuals, organizations and companies in the Rhone valley corridor from the Suisse Romande and the Savoie areas. In this way we will maintain awareness of Internet developments and add our energy in shaping its application in the Geneva area. Our objectives are to provide users with information on exploring, using and contributing to the Internet.

The Geneva Chapter was inaugurated in April 1995, and formally founded as a Swiss Association in June 1995. This was the first Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC) to be established in Europe. Please review our Articles of Association for more details.

These articles define a governing council which is elected for a term of one year. The current council (board) consists of the following who were elected on 29 January 1997.

Current IsocGVA Council
President Mark Selby
Vice President Ben Segal
Secretary Kevin Gross
Treasurer Sam Carmalt
Meetings and Events Coordinator Alan McCluskey
Membership Coordinator Robert SanGeorge
Publicity Stephan Koch

The Board meets periodically as required by the articles. Please let any board member know if you have concerns which you wish to raise.

The activities of the Geneva Chapter are usually at meetings of the members, either at monthly chapter meetings, meetings of the special interest groups. Please review these web pages to find which of these meetings you may want to attend.